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Jumping Higher For Sports: The Biggest Benefits I Experienced

increase vertical jump for sports

Getting a higher vertical jump isn’t just for basketball. It can apply to all sports (including volleyball) and can have great effects on you performance in games.

In this post I will show you all of the tips, tricks, and tools I use to jump higher and how it benefits me in all sports I participate in.


This one is a no-brainer.

Jumping higher in basketball will elevate you above the competition and you will soar to new heights…literally. You will grab more rebounds, run faster, jump higher, and get to the ball quicker.

A good mix of endurance training is crucial so you don’t just jump higher but also get a good start to haveing a long-term vertical that can last ages. Here is a video I found that provides great tips on jumping higher:

How to Increase Your Vertical Fast For Any Sport


I don’t play this personally but have a lot of friends that do. Jumping higher in volleyball allows you to get to a spike easier (since you’ll elevate higher and faster) and be more explosive on digs to keep sets going.

Being an explosive player in volleyball is crucial because it allows you to edge out all your opponents. So you really want to focus on learning how to jump higher even as a volleyball player.


I am a huge rugby fan and I know that jumping higher lets you have a huge edge over other players due to the sheer abilities you bring to the table you can punch through the defense, run faster, stronger, and you will be the star on the pitch.

The more I worked out my vertical, the more results I saw when it came to rugby and my ability to score points

My Experience Increasing my Vertical

In general basketball is where I found the most results. I made sure to read plenty of sources like ESPN, YouTube videos, Howcast, and the best vertical dunk training blog was really helpful as well.

My biggest tip is to stay sharp and keep taking action to jump higher since it is a lengthy process.

It takes a while and you have to stick with it to see the results that you want. If done right you should have no problem increasing your vertical jump to dunk.

I hope this article was helpful! Have a great day guys and check back to my site for more posts in the coming weeks!

How To Increase Your Vertical Jump With Dunk Training Programs

dunk training

So I’ve been recently experimenting with different jump programs and it has really dawned on me.

Picking the right vertical jump training is essential to accelerate to you learning how to dunk.

I talked to many fellow basketball players and many wonder how they can increase their vertical jump.

And having already done a vertical jump program (the jump manual) I knew how easy one can make the process of learning how to jump higher.

I also made sure to include some jump rope exercises in my workout to make sure I trained agility as well as strength.

I found this video and showed my friends how effective vertical jump programs can be:

Apparently this dude got great results on the jump manual like I did and it really convinced my friends that getting a dunk program can be very beneficial.

This guy was just like me, I had no choice but to try whatever to jump higher since I wanted it so bad.

And as beginners to anything you really want to get all the help you can get.

Many people are confused about jumping higher and it really doesn’t have to be that hard…

…I really think the biggest thing is persistence since it took me 8 months to finally dunk.

With that being said, you should certainly utilize resources online to keep learning and expanding your knowledge of the subject everyday.

Parting Words…

My favorite site would have to be and they have a ton of articles on jumping higher over there.

But of course there are many other sites out there so keep looking around.

A dunk training program can cut your learning curve by months and reduce a lot of frustrations since you’ll be doing something that’s worked for thousands of people.

Just always invest in your learning of the art of jumping and work hard at your passions!